I offer Hatha style yoga, which is the oldest style and forms the basis for other yoga types. Having the experience of improving my health through this style of yoga, I’m inspired to help others.


It is designed to adapt to your ability and fitness level with the focus on alignment, core engagement, breathing, mind and body connection.


Breathing is one of the most overlooked practices and can be life transforming by itself. Once proper breathing is combined with functional movement, it is the perfect recipe for endurance, energy, focus, and better sleep quality. 

Meet Your Instructor

Pilates is a strong tool to develop core strength, balance, control, stability, mobility, and release stiffness in the body. It trains easy and hard to reach muscles over time. Mat, reformer, jumpboard, box, springboard, chair, TRX, bosu make exercises accessible, fun and also challenge body at different levels. They help to meet where you are.

My classes will complement your performance in other sports like; running, tennis, climbing, high-intensity training, walking, other. It also will help you get stronger and mobile with your daily activities and chores.

I am here to guide your body and mind at your own pace while developing strength, control, presence, proper breathing habits, and flexibility.

Let’s have some fun together!

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